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David Bohm Society, Est. 2012

David Bohm dared to investigate what quantum theory actually means, and he began to build an image of the nature of reality at the quantum level. This went against the prevailing scientific orthodoxy and he was marginalized for his efforts. Bohm didn’t stop there; dissatisfied with the contradictions between quantum theory and relativity as well as the notion of order that dominated science, Bohm redefined physics and created what could very well be the next era of science with his theory of the implicate order.

And yet Bohm questioned if he would go into science again if he could start over, as he felt science wasn’t living up to its promise of the betterment of humankind and creating a spirit of rationality. Quite the opposite was the fact Bohm observed; the rational products of science were used destructively by the incoherent culture of humanity.

Bohm turned his attention to the root cause of incoherent culture and human irrationality. Herein lies his greatest and most revolutionary work and findings that have implication for the whole of humanity and the very survival of our species. Bohm proposed that thought is at the source of humanity’s problems and until we perceive and give sufficient attention to this fact we will never have the capacity to end these problems.

The David Bohm Society serves several purposes, including preserving and making available Bohm’s legacy. But our greatest purpose is to realize Bohm’s proposal about coherent culture by creating the microcosm in which it could emerge and supporting others in doing the same.

This website hosts a comprehensive listing of Bohm’s work as well as a small, curated online library.

Our society is membership based. To support our work please consider joining.