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About the David Bohm Society

The David Bohm Society was founded in 2012 in Canada to inventory, preserve, and promote David Bohm’s legacy and to explore and realize his proposals about addressing the source of humanity’s difficulties and incoherence. It is our desire to have as much of Bohm’s work as possible released into the public domain and archived at the Internet Archive.

There is an urgency to making Bohm’s work more visible. It has extraordinary relevance to the future of humanity and it may be the best guidance humanity has on how to face and address the incoherence in thought and culture. This incoherence perpetually creates the crises and difficulties that humanity faces and threatens the very existence of our species.

The most important work of the society is create a living example of Bohm’s proposals about coherent culture and dialogue. Current projects are listed on our projects page.


  • Matthew Capowski, Founder
  • Ilja Oks
  • Igor Topilsky
  • Howard Ward

Advisory Council

  • Sharan Saini
  • Michael Mendizza

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