We Need Your Support

We don’t do aggressive marketing for our fundraising.  We don’t use annoying pop-up boxes on our sites and we don’t spam anyone.  None of our content is behind pay-walls.  We have been virtually self-funded for many years.

But we need your support.  We have set a very modest initial support goal and thanks to handful of early support we are currently at 10% of this goal.  We have operational costs and things we want to make happen that have costs involved.

Please consider supporting our Patreon.

We Need Your Support

We have numerous projects and collaborations on the go. Part of the David Bohm Society’s function is to locate, collect, inventory, preserve, and make available Bohm’s work. But more importantly we must see this work realized and that will require the shared efforts of a unique, serious group of people. We have just launched a Patreon account through which you can donate to us. There are many ways to support us and the best way is connecting with us and letting us know about your explorations and efforts to realize the proposals.

We will be releasing some YouTube videos where we comment more about the work we are doing and what we would like to see happen.

Human Nature as the Product of our Mental Models

We have released an essay of Bohm’s, tittled Human Nature as the Product of our Mental Models, which you can view on the David Bohm Society website.

When we speak of human nature, we generally imply that we are talking about something that is more or less fixed in its qualities and properties, and that exists essentially independently of our thought about it. In this essay, however, I am going to propose that that aspect of behaviour which has been attributed to such a fixed and independently existent human nature is actually a continuously changing and developing artefact, created in the course of human work and social relationship, and very much dependent on how it has been considered in thought.

A Quick Message to the Community

We now have 7 members on the forums, and 100 followers on Twitter at @bohmsociety.  This is important.  Most communities like ours start small.  To carry the proposals made by David Bohm we need people like you and I who are interested enough in all of this.  If we can’t bring some of these proposals to life who else will?  We need all the help and support we can get so do considering joining on us these attempts.

The David Bohm Papers has Scanned and Released a lot of New Bohm Material

The David Bohm Papers recently updated their site and added a lot of new documents for download as PDF files than were never previously available on the internet before.  In total we have counted 119 scanned documents so far.

Most of these documents pertain to Bohm’s work in physics, but there are also several pertaining to his views on thought, culture, humanity’s crises, and related topics.

As an example here is a sampling from the David Bohm Papers:


We have begun to update our David Bohm Articles and Essays section to reflect this new material.