Books about Bohm and Krishnamurti

Thank you to Heikki Peltola for providing us his two books for the David Bohm Society archives.

Insights into Immensity is a summary of 52 dialogues that Krishnamurti and Bohm had between 1965 and 1983. It shows what is wrong with the human mind and how to change it. The solution is simple but not easy: we must free our minds from the tyranny of thought.

WHOLE AND ONE – Seeing and being the world is a book inspired by David Bohm’s insights about the world, mind, consciousness, and self. It suggests that the root cause of the world crisis is in the way we see the world. To change the world we have to change our worldview.

David Bohm on Jiddu Krishnamurti

He was applying it to the human being himself, saying that the human being as observer was not different from human being as observed. Now, this is a very deep point because usually, a human being regards himself as an observer as separate from the observed, even when he is looking at himself. He thinks that he is standing back looking at something inside of himself. But these two are actually one. The confusion that they are separate is the cause of tremendous misery, at least that was saying. I had sort of an intuitive feeling this was right. He was also hinting at something much deeper, some ground, some emptiness in a wholeness ground which everything came, which if we could contact that, then we would sort of rise beyond all these daily problems into a totally different area, where, therefore, we would not be caught in them.