Books about Bohm and Krishnamurti

Thank you to Heikki Peltola for providing us his two books for the David Bohm Society archives.

Insights into Immensity is a summary of 52 dialogues that Krishnamurti and Bohm had between 1965 and 1983. It shows what is wrong with the human mind and how to change it. The solution is simple but not easy: we must free our minds from the tyranny of thought.

WHOLE AND ONE – Seeing and being the world is a book inspired by David Bohm’s insights about the world, mind, consciousness, and self. It suggests that the root cause of the world crisis is in the way we see the world. To change the world we have to change our worldview.

A New Biography of David Bohm

Olival Freire Jr., a physics professor, has written a biography about Bohm. This biography focuses more on Bohm as a scientist and physicist. The following is a quote from the author last year:

“I am now working on an old project, a new biography of David Bohm. This project was first thought of almost twenty years ago when Basil Hiley, Bohm’s long-time assistant, dissatisfied with Bohm’s biography by F. David Peat suggested I write a second biography. Hiley was dissatisfied because the biography did not pay enough attention to Bohm’s scientific ideas, instead it had focused too much on the details of Bohm’s personal life. We met each other at the University of São Paulo at a workshop dedicated to David Bohm and with Michel Paty we were both lunching at the Physics Institute when the suggestion was made. At that time the idea did not grab me as I had other plans at the time. I love reading biographies but I also feared writing one due to the difficulties intrinsic to this kind of historical work. Then in 2015 when my quantum Dissidents was published I was approached by the publisher to write a biography of one of these dissidents. I decided the time was ripe for the challenge and Bohm was the natural candidate.”

A New Book About David Bohm and Jiddu Krishnamurti’s Collaboration

David Moody has released the book An Uncommon Collaboration: David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti.  This book is currently available on Amazon.

For more than two decades, renowned theoretical physicist David Bohm engaged in a close collaboration with psychological philosopher J. Krishnamurti. The two men participated together in 144 recorded dialogues and many unrecorded conversations, and the transcripts of their discussions appear in several published volumes. Their mutual interests encompassed the whole of human consciousness, its nature and structure, and the sources of illusion and conflict in the individual and in society. An Uncommon Collaboration: David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti describes the course of their relationship from beginning to end, including the substance of their dialogues as well as the uneven quality of their personal interactions. Author David Edmund Moody worked with both men for more than a decade, and his observations of them inform and supplement his description of their relationship. Bohm’s background as a physicist was characterized by his close associations with Oppenheimer and Einstein, his revolutionary contributions to the foundations of quantum mechanics, and his clash with the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities, an event which ultimately deprived him of his American citizenship. Krishnamurti’s background was notable for his break with the Theosophical Society, which had nurtured him as a youth and hailed him as the World Teacher. He developed his own independent philosophy, one which offered penetrating insights into the human condition and emphasized freedom from all authority in psychological and religious matters. An Uncommon Collaboration: David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti describes the life stories of the two men individually as well as the nature and quality of their relationship. The book concludes with a critical assessment of each man’s contribution to the work they were engaged in, their mutual accomplishments, and the issues that remain unresolved. Moody’s work with Bohm featured several recorded dialogues that examined Bohm’s views on Krishnamurti’s philosophy and his personality. Complete transcripts of these conversations provide a rich, illuminating supplement to the text.

Thad Roberts on Bohm’s Work in Physics

The theoretical physicist Thad Roberts wrote an interesting reply to the question on Quora of Why don’t more physicists subscribe to pilot wave theory?

Physicists today remain largely unaware of the fact that quantum mechanics is perfectly choreographed by the mathematics of the de Broglie-Bohm theory, otherwise known as Bohmian mechanics. Despite the fact that Bohm’s formalism is entirely deterministic, and less vague than the standard interpretation of quantum mechanics, so far it has only been widely recognized and embraced among philosophers of physics.
There are several historical events, or “unfortunate accidents,” that have led to the present ignorance of the superior mathematical clarity Bohm’s formalism offers. Understanding this historical posture goes a long way towards explaining why the orthodox or “standard” interpretation of quantum mechanics is still held by the majority of physicists today—something that I would argue is one of the greatest intellectual tragedies of our time.

In his reply his also links to a lecture by Mike Towler on the pilot wave theory that our readers may also find interesting.