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Articles by David Bohm

Listed here are published papers, essays, and interviews. Minor writings like book reviews and commentaries are not mentioned.

  1. A Study of the Arc Plasma

    E. H. S. Burhop, H. S. W. Massey, and R. W. Williams
    The Characteristics of Electrical Discharges in Magnetic Fields, 173–333 (1949)
  2. New Isobaric Spin Group [Free]

    L. de Broglie, F. Halbwachs, P. Hillion, T. Takabayasi, and J. P. Vigier
    The Aix-en-Provence International Conference on Elementary Particles 1, 503–506 (1962)
  3. Problems in the Basic Concepts of Physics

    Satyendranath Bose 70th Birthday Commemoration Volume, 279–318 (1965)

    Note: This is a version of an inaugural lecture that was delivered at Birkbeck College on February 13, 1963 and published separately the same year.

  4. Lesson from the Master [Free]

    Times Educational Supplement (3145), 38 (1975)

    Note: This essay was reprinted in the Spring 1976 issue of Krishnamurti Foundation Bulletin as “Experiment in Learning.”

  5. Heisenberg’s Contribution to Physics

    New Scientist 69(987), 350–352 (1976)

    Note: This article was reprinted in The Uncertainty Principle and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics: A Fifty Years’ Survey (1977), pp. 559–563.

  6. Fragmentation and Wholeness in Religion and in Science

    Zygon® 20, 125–133 (1985)

    Note: This paper is based on a talk “Religion as Wholeness and the Problem of Fragmentation” given at St James’s Church, Piccadilly on September 21, 1983. It was first published as Centre Space Occasional Paper No. 2 (January 1984).

  7. On Dialogue [Free]

    Noetic Sciences Review (23), 16–18 (1992)

    Note: This article was reprinted in the January–February 1993 issue of Resurgence under the title “For Truth Try Dialogue.” It also appeared in A Tao of Dialogue (1998).

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