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David Bohm Society Website Relaunches

New Website

We have finished transitioning the David Bohm Society to a new website and to a new domain ( from our previous domain of This was long overdue as there was much to improve from our previous site, both in terms of organization and content.

We want to bring attention to a few sections of the website:

  • Library: Any document by Bohm that we host can now be found in this single section. Please note that we host Bohm’s audio and visual material on our YouTube channel.

  • Bibliography: The most comprehensive listing of Bohm’s work available.

  • Join: As a society we’ve opened up membership. This is essential for both creating a community around the work and ensuring support and continuation of the society.


On our previous website we had a blog. We have now replaced the blog with a newsletter. Newsletters are emailed out to anyone who is subscribed. Newsletters are also archived so that they can be viewed on our website by anyone.

Newsletters provide us a way to keep our audience up to date on the activities of the society as well as any new findings regarding Bohm’s work or material written about Bohm.


Following the launch of our website will be the release of our new podcast. Stay tuned.

New Material

In the Library section of this website we have added several new documents by David Bohm and we improved upon transcriptions of previous documents.

There is an interview with Basil Hiley titled Reality Unfolding: A Conversation on Bohmian Physics from May of 2021 that is worth watching.

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