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More Important Than Physics


The David Bohm Society launches its new podcast, More Important Than Physics. You can access this podcast from:

New Material

An important paper titled “Relativistic Bohmian trajectories of photons via weak measurements” was published on July 11, 2022. This paper purports to show that Bohm’s interpretation of quantum theory is not in fact incompatible with relativity as has been generally thought to be the case.

There was also an interesting collection put together by the publisher Springer titled Pilot-wave and beyond: Louis de Broglie and David Bohm’s quest for a quantum ontology.

Several of Bohm’s books were recently added to the Internet Archive and can now be borrowed. Visit our Books section for more information.


As a reminder, the Library section of our website contains several excellent articles by Bohm.

We are currently working on transcribing and bringing three new essays of Bohm to this section. We take meticulous care when transcribing and thus it’s a slow process.


This Bohm quote was taken from a private letter:

About the question of honest and sincere observation, the key point is to keep in mind what you said; i.e., “I really don’t know.” You don’t know whether your observation is honest and sincere or not. It may at times be so, for all you know. But then, further thoughts may come in slightly later to twist and confuse what was, to begin with, a clear perception.

Does anybody know what observation actually is? Rather, one has to be aware of self-deception and the creation of illusion.

If you are aware that you don’t know what honest observation is, are you honestly aware of this fact? If so, then you do seem to know what honest observation is. And thus, you are contradicting your statement that you do not know. There seems to be a paradox here, which requires your careful attention.

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