There are multiple ways you can participate with the David Bohm Society.

We operate from the proposal that the in-person work of exploring Bohm’s proposals is the most important and most likely to succeed.  However, it’s also necessary to have a virtual meeting space for those who are seriously exploring Bohm’s proposals because:

  • We are relatively few in number and spread out across the globe.
  • The virtual group may make the in-person group possible or otherwise support its work.
  • People from different areas who are doing in-person work can share their findings to the virtual group.

Thus we have an email list set up as a forum of mutual exploration and participation.  Please contact us to discuss joining this list.  To ensure the quality of this email list we do screen participants to ensure suitability.  Suitability does not depend on a deep, expert-level knowledge Bohm’s work but rather a sincere desire to learn about his body of work along with a grasp of his basic proposals.

We have a need for volunteers as outline on our support page.

But really the most fundamental way you can participate is by pursuing and having a dialogue with Bohm’s proposals in your own life. IF people aren’t doing this then there is little we will all be able to do together.