David Bohm Society Projects

The following is a list of projects that we are presently working on or have in queue.

The success of these projects depend on enough serious people getting together and working on them. We need the support of the community. Please join us in our efforts and participate in any way you can.

  • Bohm Dialogue Website (This has been completed but we can improve on this.  We will be making a version two when capacity allows)
  • The Together First Project (This is our attempt to create a living example of coherent (micro)culture employing the proposals of Bohm et. al.)
  • Dialogue Directory (This has been completed as our board member Igor Topilsky created a website that attempts to list every Bohm dialogue in the world.)
  • Dialogue Handbook (This is a work in progress.  We’ve put this aside at times to focus on other things requiring a higher priority.)
  • YouTube Channel (As time goes on our focus must become new, original content).
  • Book (This is in progress.  This will be a slow, long process and we will update everyone once we are far enough along.)
  • Pre-dialogue Groups (This is related to The Together First Project.  The difference is that pre-dialogue groups aim to be a more accessible, popular movement, whereas The Together First Project will likely be embarked on by a small group of very serious people.)
  • Working group (This group will oversee the work pertaining to The Together First Project, the Pre-dialogue Groups, and any other such related project.)