Support the David Bohm Society

We need your support.  Ultimately the goal is to have several people working towards creating a living example of Bohm’s proposals full time.  That goal is a long way away, but every step we take towards that is valuable.  That’s also a reason we are growing our social media presence since that may help facilitate this goal.

Please consider donating to us via Patreon.

We are always short of volunteers and would appreciate any assistance.  The following are things that we have and/or will need assistance with:

  • Transcribing audio recordings to text.
  • Transcribing hand written letters to text.
  • Putting together infographics and/or timelines to go on the website.
  • A science liaison with familiarity of Bohm’s work in physics to help us better honor Bohm’s scientific legacy.
  • A graphic artist.
  • Producing social media posts.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • The creation of new contents (videos, blog posts, essays, and so forth).