New David Bohm Interview Being Transcribed

We are currently digitizing an interview that has not been made
available to internet before.  This interview between David Bohm and
Prof. Dr. Angelika C. Wagner took place on January 9th, 1987.  A special
thanks to Prof. Dr. Angelika C. Wagner for locating and providing the
David Bohm Society this interview.

The following is the introduction to the interview:

January 9, 1987, I interviewed David Bohm at Birkbeck College, London,
about issues of how consciousness gets into conflict with itself.

Dr. David Bohm is an eminent theoretical physicist, a former associate
of Einstein, whose theory of the enfolded-unfolding universe (Bohm,
1980) deals with issues of quantum physics as well as human
consciousness.  His new paradigm of the ‘holomovement’ (Wilber, 1982)
has tremendous implications not only for physics but also for education
and psychology.  In his dialogues with the philosopher and mystic, J.
Krishnamurti (Bohm/Krishnamurti 1985), both of them probed the question
of “the ending of (psychological) time”.

How does this notion of a
holographic mind relate to the issues of change which are central to
the field of education and psychotherapy? This was the basic question
and the starting point for the present interview.