Short but Interesting Correspondence between Sheldon Goldstein and Steven Weinberg on Bohmian Mechanics

At the website there is an email exchange posted between Sheldon Goldstein and Steven Weinberg on Bohmian Mechanics.

A quote from this exchange:

Now all this has assumed the adequacy of the Copenhagen interpretation, so that we could compare two adequate formulations – Bohmian mechanics and the Copenhagen interpretation – with respect to simplicity and other criteria for judging theories. But you seem to agree with me that the Copenhagen interpretation is not adequate. You should therefore appreciate why others who agree with us on this, and who are not aware of any other adequate alternatives to the Copenhagen interpretation, might be attracted to Bohmian mechanics: They want to make sense of quantum mechanics, something that the Copenhagen interpretation manifestly does not do and that Bohmian mechanics manifestly does. — Shelly Goldstein

A Survey on Quantum Mechanics

Maximilian Schlosshauer, Johannes Kofler, and Anton Zeilinger have published a survey they did that is titled A Snapshot of Foundational Attitudes Toward Quantum Mechanics. Their survey involved a total of 33 participants from a a conference on the foundations of quantum mechanics.

This attitude was prevalent in Bohm’s time as well.  However, slowly things seem to be getting better despite what this particular survey portrays.

Interestingly, only 21% of the participants stated that Bohr’s view of quantum mechanics is correct.