• David Bohm is born on December 20, 1917 in Wilkes-Barra, Pennsylvania.
  • David Bohm starts his degree program at the Pennsylvania State College.
  • David Bohm completes his B.Sc. degree from Pennsylvania State College.
  • David Bohm starts graduate school at the California Institute of Technology.
  • David Bohm’s Ph.D. dissertation was deemed vital to the Manhattan Project and was classified. Bohm was
    unable to access his dissertation at the time as he lacked the necessary security clearance. Thus he was not
    able to defend it but was awarded his Ph.D. despite this.
  • David Bohm completes his Ph.D. in physics at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • 1943 to 1945: David Bohm contributed to the development of the atomic bomb (Manhattan Project). He did the calculations
    for the Calutrons at the Y-12 facility in Oak Ridge, which were used to electromagnetically enrich uranium for use in the bomb
    dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. Bohm worked at the Berkeley Radiation Laboratory.
  • 1943 to 1947: David Bohm worked at Berkeley on the Theory of Plasma and on the Theory of Synchroton and Syndrocyclotrons.
  • 1946 to 1951: David Bohm taught at Princeton University as an Assistant Professor and worked on Plasmas, Theory of Metals, Quantum Mechanics
    and Elementary Particles.
  • David Bohm refused to testify against Robert Oppenheimer before the House of Un-American Activities Committee. As a result Bohm was
    eventually arrested and charged with contempt of Congress. He went on trial but was acquitted (1951). This however lead to Bohm being
    fired from his post at Princeton University and not being reinstated despite the efforts of Albert Einstein to get him reinstated.
  • David Bohm publishes the book “Quantum Theory”.
  • 1951 to 1955: David Bohm worked at the University of São Paulo as Professor of Physics.
  • David Bohm moves to Israel and takes a position at Technion at Haifa, as a Research Fellow.
  • David Bohm publishes the book “Causality and Chance in Modern Physics”.
  • 1957 to 1961: David Bohm started a research fellowship at the University of Bristol, U.K.
  • David Bohm and his student Yakir Aharonov discover what would come to be called the Aharonov-Bohm effect.
  • David Bohm encounters a book by the Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti. Bohm notices immediate parallels between his scientific
    work on quantum theory and relativity and what Jiddu Krishnamurti is saying.
  • David Bohm and Jiddu Krishnamurti meet and start what would become a series of over 30 dialogues spanning a quarter of a century.
  • 1961 to 1987: David Bohm became Professor of Theoretical Physics at Birkbeck College of the University of London.
  • David Bohm publishes the book “The Special Theory of Relativity”.
  • David Bohm publishes the book “Wholeness and the Implicate Order”.
  • David Bohm (et. al) publishes the book “Science, Order and Creativity”.
  • David Bohm retires from Birkbeck College of the University of London.
  • David Bohm elected Fellow of the Royal Society.
  • October 27 David Bohm passes away in London, England.